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In this monsters of jizz update , we have a beautiful brunette with glasses working hard on a huge cock for some warm jizz. So watch her start by jerking it gently in the beginning only to pick up pace until the guy can’t hold it anymore and releases a massive torrent of cum on their very cute face. Stay tuned for more updates everyone but in the meantime do take your time to have fun seeing this brunette babe with glasses as she gets a nice load on her cute face today. So let’s sit back and see her in action.


This cutie prides herself on the perfect hand jobs and cock sucking that she does, and she aimed to prove it to this guy in this afternoon scene. So watch her as she gets to whip out his nice and big cock, and see her starting to work it with her juicy and luscious lips. The guy of course feels on cloud nine and he just lets the lady do her work. Enjoy watching her finishing him off with a nice hand job, and see her taking that giant jizz load on her cute face and perky natural tits today!

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Monsters Of Jizz – Cute Monica

Hey guys, monsters of jizz here, and we always aim to deliver the most superb ladies getting huge jizz loads all over their pretty faces and bodies. For this one we introduce the cute Monica that performed one crazy good blowjob for our guy. And you just have to see her sucking that cock until it blows it’s gigantic load all over her pretty face. Enjoy!

She hasn’t been so happy for a while as none of the men she met wanted to cum on her tits or in her mouth! She really enjoys pleasing guys with her mouth as they give to her their wet and sticky seed and this babe swallows it! This brunette babes enjoys trying every type of cock she can have: shaved ones, hairy ones, big ones, small ones, curved ones, but she mostly enjoys those monster cocks! They release a very big amount of seed and that’s why she loves them! She enjoys the most having all her face covers by their seed! Enjoy guys!


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Monsters Of Jizz – Margo

Howdy guys! Today we thought of you when we decided to bring to you this monsters of jizz update! Here we are going to talk about Margo the housewife and her much younger gardener! We really dunno what brought them to each other but they are surely enjoying the time spent together! We could also say that they are planting this guy’s seed into her mouth and on her tits daily! They are so used to each other that she jerks him off one time per day and also blows him every night! How about seeing one of their dates?

Margo is one middle aged babe with beautiful natural breasts that enjoys jerking off younger guys until they explode all over with their hot cum! Her today’s prade is this fellow which used to be her gardener! This hot women definitely knows how to grab and how to hold this guy’s cock! Only touching this fat dick makes it hard and ready for something more! She loves making him cum all over her and also all over her living room! Check out this dude’s flying jizz and how he eats the pussy of this babe!


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Slutty MILF Lola

Hi guys! How about we present to you a woman with experience? She’s so sexy and she is also fit, she actually looks like a 20 years old, but she’s a MILF! Lola is blonde, she’s a mom, she likes to be fucked but most of all she enjoys being jizzed all over her big natural boobies ! She’s not afraid to admit it! She also enjoys having her holes filled with hot and sticky cum! Are you anxious to see this beautiful babe all cover with monsters of jizz? Take a seat and have a look!

Her husband just went out to the market to get some groceries when the mail man ranged the door, she got a pack and she had to sign the papers! As she just got out of the shower she was wearing only a towel and this guy saw her very naughty and eager pussy and asked if he could help her! He was invited in, in no time! This MILF was going to give to the postman the hand job of his life, but she didn’t knew that he would also jizz her all over her hot smoking body, just like this hot MILF here! Do you like cum? She loves cum all over her body, but also into her mouth! Mmm… tasty tasty cum! Enjoy guys this amazing monstersofjizz scene!


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Monsters Of Jizz – Galas

Hello! We’re so happy to have you around Monsters Of Jizz again! Having a great time on our website? Do you want more? We’re back and we have for you today this blonde babe! This blonde chick was invited by this hairy guy to help him choose a flat which he was going to buy! And so she did! In this expensive flat they had the opportunity to test the leather couch as no one was home! They had a great time as you can see from the photo gallery and they also wanted to paint the walls with this guy’s jizz! We must say we have never seen a guy releasing so much cum! It was all around! Check it out now!

As they saw this expensive flat and that beautiful black leather couch all they though about is getting laid on it! And the action has begun! As this dude was lied on that couch, this blonde chick took her clothes off and grabbed this guy’s fat dick from his pants and started to rub it slowly and kissing it passionately and then she started to shove that dick into her eager mouth until her throat making back and forth movements until her neck! Check out this dude releasing his seed all over her body!


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Ember’s Cum Bath

Hi guys and wow! What a photo gallery we have prepared for you today! We could definitely state that this chick is taking a cum bath! Today we have for you this crazy chick called Ember! All we can say is that she really enjoys having solo Monsters Of Jizz scenes in which she could please her muffin’ continuously, but most of all she enjoys pleasing cocks! And she really loves taking more than one cock into her mouth in the same time! How about seeing more from where this came from? Yep, you definitely should!

Ember is our model today, she has one sexy body and some really nice natural tits! Well in this update she will take two cocks in the same time! Well, what could we say, she’s a professional! She knows what she’s doing and she knows how to get her job done asap! She met these two fellas on her way to the shopping mall in the parking and picked them up! In her flat she grabbed these two cocks and started to jerk them off hard and harder until they released loads of cum on her tits and into her mouth! Have a great time guys!


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Britney Gets Jizzed

Hello hello guys and gals and welcome to our next fresh and funky monstersofjizz update! Our today’s star is Britney! She is blonde, she is hot, she’s a babe and she’s so horny! She was ready to go on a vacation, when her neighbor knocked at the door to give her the mail! She already had everything packed and the luggage was on the bed. This babe invited him inside for a coffee and she got jizzed all over her face! How the hell did they end up like this, with all that huge cumshot load? We’re as curious as you so let’s not wait any longer!

She had a very short skirt and bended over to grab something while he took his cock out as it was hard and ready for action! As she was already on her knees she couldn’t say no and she got a dick over her face! She began to jerk this dude off and she didn’t get to put her mouth and her tongue on it as loads of cum started to get out from that fat cock of his! Check out now what a crazy facial this chick got!


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Monsters Of Jizz – Arriane

Welcome back guys! Today, here at monsters of jizz, we have for you this sexy busty brunette called Arriane! When she met this guy she didn’t know what hit her! They ran into each other in the street and he felt her big tits and touched them! She said to him “Fuck you!” and he couldn’t help giving her a response: “Ok, let’s go now then!”. She grabbed this unknown guy by his hand and went with him into his flat. While he was still rubbing those boobies she was searching for his fat pal into his pants! Would you like to know how this all scene ended up? Have a look!

She was so eager to have a taste of that big tool of his that she just grabbed it and shoved it directly into her hungry mouth while with the other hand she was rubbing this guy’s balls! What can we say? She definitely knows how to make a man happy! In her way our taking him to the climax with her mouth she stopped out of nowhere and started to jerk him off! In a few seconds loads of cum were flying all over the place as this guy has released his sticky seed! Check out now this naughty babe making this guy’s cum fly!


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Slutty Monica

Morning fellas! Rise and shine guys! Are you up and ready for a new monstersofjizz video? These two babes are ready and waiting for you cock and for your hot cum! How about don’t making them wait too much? Monica and her brunette friend were ready to go out for a walk in the park when they met this rich dude that invited them into his hotel room! They couldn’t refuse him as they were enjoying luxury, so they said yes in no time! These hot babes went up into his expensive hotel room and drank a glass of champagne with this lucky guy! Are you curious what happens next? Take a seat and watch!

These chick were so eager to taste this rich guy’s fat cock and so they did! Monica grabbed his giant tool from his pants and they took turns in sucking and slurping this guy’s dick! He didn’t mind! He didn’t ever bother to tell to these girls that he was about to cum, he actually didn’t have any time as they were sucking so fucking fast so while her sexy friend was having her hands on the cock and Monica was with her mouth wide open, he came into her mouth and she had the opportunity to taste his seed! Enjoy!


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Cock Craving Teen Megan

Hi guys! How are you doing lately? Having fun on Monsters Of Jizz? This babe surely has fun with this guy’s cock! Megan is one brunette babe that get out early from work and went to home directly to make an interesting surprise to her eager boyfriend! He was home lied on the bed and he was watching tv as he was feeling so bored. She got home, took all her clothes off and she was looking for him in the entire house until he found him sleeping in the bedroom! Is she going to wake up this guy? Stay around and you’ll see more!

Well, she though she would wake up this guy in her one and only unique way! She started by touching his dick very slowly and she made this dude’s guy so hard! Then she shoved her hand under the pants and brought his fat little friend out and started hand jobing him slowly and she also put her tongue on that eager cock and then started to suck that cock as it was a candy. All she wanted was to made him cum all over and then to taste that sticky jizz! Check out this girl having fun with this guy’s cock!


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